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About the Author

Back in the day, Kurt was one of the guys that would trudge off to work, make the best of what was offered and then head out for a few beers after work. Likeable and full of humor, it was easy to see how this could have been a lifestyle that lasted — but it didn’t.
Over time it became obvious that Kurt von Ahnen was a different kind of automotive professional. He established

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Industry Sources

Looking to be a valuable source to reach out to, we thought we would list out some of the sites we commonly refer to. Over time we intend to increase this listing as well as other informative assets to help round things out. 



Ducati North America



Ford Motor Company
General Motors
Chrysler Corp.

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Hey people! We are preparing a new launch and are letting you in to see the changes as they happen…

Service Writer Book is the source for a great foundation in the Service Industry — Auto, Powersports, Marine.

Books Available!Animated Columns

Re-released… Service Writing in Black and White has become a much more dressed package. The new publisher puts forth a great product – proud to be on the shelf.Read More >

EBOOK for the techies Color Change

We also released an EBOOK to get the material more quickly and have access on your device of choice. Plus, at $5.99 – its a deal. Read More >

Consulting Possible Nextgen Gallery

Classes reveal over and over again that there is so much untapped potential in Fixed Operations – we can help you get there. Read More >

Service Writing in the Gray is open to Pre-Sale!

With the holidays quickly approaching, we decided to finally release our follow up book in the Service Writing Industry… “Service Writing in the Gray”. Our first book covers some basic yet often overlooked facets of Service Writing. Communication Style, Presentation and Personality Types are categories that fill the pages. “Service Writing in the Gray” switches […]

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Feedback – Precious Feedback….

We have been serving the folks at Ducati North America since last August. Two classes down and the third is slated for the month of March in Las Vegas, NV.  What an awesome opportunity for this small New Mexico firm. The feedback has been tremendous!  As a facilitator, I have a perfectionist approach to the […]

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Introductions at our Training

Immediately upon starting the course… our attendees are encouraged to interact with each other. This fosters open dialogue as well as incorporating the aspects of “Adult” Learning that lend to better quality of information and retention of ideas shared.

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Service Writer / Manager Training

As the corporate training source for Ducati NA, we drafted the curriculum and facilitate the course work for their Dealer Network. We are also looking to expand into Automotive training as well — sourcing much of our information form the Service Writing in Black and White series of books… focusing on Lemon Law avoidance.

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